Atlanta Video Production: Excellence Is a Process, Not an Accident

Leo Falkenstein
By Leo Falkenstein
on April 5, 2017

Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Header

In a world where content is king, video reigns supreme. Marketing your business relies on getting your content in front of people - but more importantly - keeping your content in front of the right people. Just a few years ago, a video marketing strategy meant releasing a good video once or twice a year, but times have changed and businesses must evolve their efforts or get left behind. Video marketing strategy now relies on matching your video content to better serve your business goals, and consistently creating appropriate video content aimed at satisfying those goals. Video marketing has become a dynamic process that involves continuous idea generation, video production, data tracking, and concept evolution to deliver the results we all want as business owners. The good news is that there are easily defined steps that you can take, and milestones that you can measure your company against to move your process along. 

Where does the video production process begin? The first question you must ask yourself: What is your goal? Is your goal to increase sales? Improve a process? Engage your audience? Regardless of which goals your business decides to pursue, your video strategy should be designed with an intense focus on the style, voice, audience, and metrics that will lead you to accomplishing them. 

Producing a single video and hoping for views is not the answer for success. It simply doesn't work like that. Treat your marketing like a campfire in the Winter. If you don't continue to feed it, your company will end up in the cold. Marketing is fluid, and one video cannot carry the entire burden. Success in video marketing is achieved only through continuous effort. A comprehensive strategy will, over time, alleviate any doubts you may have had about video marketing. But it takes commitment, patience, and thoughtfulness. 

Designing your own video strategy may seem like a daunting task to the average business owner with very little video production, let alone video strategy, experience. Executing an effective video marketing strategy requires a dedicated team who knows your businesses goals inside and out.

At Consume Media, our success is your success. Our process enables us to learn exactly what it takes for your business to succeed, allowing us to faithfully execute effective marketing strategies for businesses in a wide range of industries.  


 Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Discovery & Creative Brief

1. Discovery & Creative Brief

Your business is different then ours. We are a B2B firm that designs video marketing solutions for local businesses. Every business is different. Not all fashion companies are the same. Not all home building companies are the same. Your ideal customer profile, your location, and your selling points are among the factors that ultimately differentiate you from the competition. Defining and understanding these aspects of your business is critical to the success of any video strategy.  It's impossible to understand everything about your company's brand, culture, and audience through a simple Google search or website once-over. Just like a first date, we need have an in-depth conversation so that we can get to know each other.  

We call this first date the discovery session. Over the course of a 90 minute meeting, we'll get to know your business on a more personal level so that we can help define goals and design solutions. We'll get to know you better, and dive into your company history, audience, goals, and more. We'll also help you define your brand personality and style to create video messaging that's on brand and on target. For example - when you imagine video advertisements for your brand, are they more Geico than State Farm? More Chevy than Ford?

Once we've had the chance to get to know each other, we take everything that we learned into the think-tank and put together a comprehensive creative brief. This is our first opportunity to pitch strategy, concepts, style and more. We use the information we gathered directly from you to design an initial creative brief that will act as the launching point for your business's video marketing strategy. This initial creative brief will continue to evolve as we go through pre-production process until we reach the perfect mixture of video solutions to achieve your goals.

 Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Pre Production

2. Pre-Production

While the creative brief involves the initial steps toward crafting a comprehensive video strategy, style choices, along with specific concepts for your videos, pre-production is where your videos truly begin to take shape. Throughout this process we develop scripts to fit your audience, create storyboards to outline the visuals, scout to find the perfect locations, and schedule the logistics of production day. As a full-service video marketing firm, our team walks you through the entire process. While we work hand-in-hand with your marketing director to ensure messaging aligns appropriately with your goals, we handle much of the leg-work, so you can continue to go about your business without stressing over the minutia of the production process. 

Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Production

3. Production

Production is where the action happens. This is where we separate the amateurs from the professionals. On production day, we will arrive with our experienced production team and an arsenal of high-tech video equipment worth more than $100,000. Our team's experience and skills will ensure that every piece of video content your brand releases will be of the highest quality.

Remember that great production requires more than just a 'point-and-shoot' approach. Great lighting and audio are absolutely imperative to achieving an appealing and engaging piece. Production takes time - specifically preparation time. While we will already have a location, we will still need to take the proper steps upon arrival to ensure that the location is looking its best and ready to go.

We will walk through the entire production schedule with you in the days leading up to the shoot so that you will be fully prepared for the big day. We will let you know exactly what to do, what to wear, how to prepare for your interview, etc.

Remember- there is no need to be nervous! We can always run through the process as many times as we need to until we get everything just right. Luckily for everyone, the days of single-use film cameras are long gone. 

Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Post Production

4. Post-Production

Post-production is the process that begins as soon as production day is a wrapped and lasts until the final delivery of your video content. Post-production can make or break a project. Editors too often try to rush through the editing process in order to get done with the project so they can move on with their life. This is not the way Consume Media operates. Our editing staff dedicates time and respect to each project - treating every video like it is our last.

 Some of the steps during the post-production process include:

Editing Phase

  1. Importing/Organization - We import the footage that we captured on production day and organize it for both our editing process and for archiving. The footage is then copied to multiple hard drives to protect against data corruption or failure.
  2. Finding Best Footage - Our editor begins to painstakingly comb through all of the footage captured in order to find and label the very best moments to consider for inclusion in the final piece.
  3. Rough Cut - We begin to lay in the best footage, alongside the voice over or audio, in order to begin to craft the designated story.
  4. Revisions - The first rough cut is shared with you and feedback is recorded and delivered to our editor. The revision stage may be repeated throughout the process.
  5. Second Cut - All feedback is incorporated into a new version of the video. If there is no further feedback after this version, the project moves on to the finishing stage.

Finishing Phase

  1. Color Correction - All clips are adjusted to ensure they are properly color balanced and that all shots appear as one cohesive piece.
  2. Animation & Motion Graphics - Our animator creates an intro and outro animation that will serve as the branding for each of your video content pieces in order unifying the style of your video portfolio.
  3. Final Cut - All of these pieces come together to form the final version of the video. The video is now complete! We then export the video into the desired format, depending on where the video will eventually be placed and viewed - in addition to any size or resolution restrictions. 
  4. Delivery - The final content piece is delivered in full quality to you for final approval. 

Rushing through this process could result in an incomplete video that fails to deliver upon the vision we defined throughout the earlier phases of the video production process. Post-production is where all of the details and thoughtfulness will begin to come alive, and where your company will establish a cohesive look for your entire video strategy. While the design of your video identity begins in pre-production,  post-production is where your video branding comes to life. 

Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Results5. Results

You've made it through the video production process. The discovery, pre-production, production, and post-production processes have all been completed and you now have a portfolio of stellar videos. Now what? Phenomenal looking videos are great, but they are meaningless if they do nothing to deliver the results we set out at the beginning to achieve. The whole point of your video strategy is for you to achieve a high ROI. No matter how great your videos look, if you did not make money off of them- then we have all failed. 

Each video that we produce is designed for a specific purpose that is defined throughout the creative brief and pre-production processes. Thoughtful content creation means that specific pieces may be destined for your landing page, social media, content marketing, advertising, etc. It's crucial that your video placement be properly aligned and executed based upon the goals defined in the early planning stages. For each and every piece of content we create, the creative brief designates where they will live, how you will share them, where you should place the bulk of your digital advertising dollars, and how they fit into the overall strategy.

It is crucial to track the performance of these posts and adjust your strategy accordingly.This is where most businesses fall short. If your audience is reacting more favorably to a certain piece of content or to a specific social media platform, then you should take notice and adjust your strategy accordingly. Through this continuous data collection process, you'll be able to evolve your video marketing strategy to include the most effective content mix. We now have access to more data than ever, and ignoring this power puts your company at a serious disadvantage. We'll show you how to take your business to the next level with intelligent video marketing. 

 Atlanta Video Production Process: The Path To Video Marketing Success - Conclusion

Practice makes perfect. Through experience and dedication, we have developed a strategy that works for any company, in any industry. While every company is different and therefore requires a unique strategy, our process provides structure and direction to what can seem like a chaotic situation for marketing professionals.

It all comes back to the business goals we defined in the discovery phase. These goals dictate everything from the script to the format and platform of your video marketing. Each individual video plays an important part in your overall video strategy, and its crucial to understand this before production ever takes place. Each and every one of these phases play an important role in the success of your video marketing strategy - allowing your business to establish your digital brand, engage your audience, and accomplish your goals


Consume Media is an Atlanta video production and video marketing company. Visit our website to learn more about us, or browse our full portfolio on our Vimeo page.



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