October 31, 2016

Marketing Services: Four Essentials of Effective Video Marketing

Marketing has evolved. It all started with word of mouth marketing (there will always be word of mouth).  Then there was print, and radio, and then, shortly after, came television.


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October 3, 2016

Atlanta Video Production: "Rise Up" With Video Marketing

What is video marketing? Video marketing can be defined very simply as the use of video to promote or market your brand. Defining an effective video marketing strategy, on the other hand, is much...

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September 12, 2016

Four Advertising Tools to Boost your Video Marketing Strategy

Myth vs Fact:

Myth: Once you publish a video on YouTube and Facebook you'll be able to kick back and watch the success roll in.

Fact: Once you publish a series of coordinated, continuous, and...

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July 27, 2016

3 Ways to Get More Life Out of Your Video Marketing

  • The most memorable advertising campaigns ever produced were designed with the intention to be consumed over and over and over again. The Michelin Man, Tony the Tiger, the Geico Gecko - we were...

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