Video Services: Fund Your Big Idea With Crowdfunding Video

Leo Falkenstein
By Leo Falkenstein
on April 5, 2017

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Did you know that crowdfunding campaigns that include a video earn an average of 4x more funding than campaigns without video? This phenomenon makes sense for a number reasons. First of all, having a professional video proves that you are serious about your product and business. Before anyone is going to hand over their hard earned money for your idea, they need to know that you are in-it-to-win-it, and that this is not just fun and games.

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The first step for any successful crowdfunding campaign is getting people to connect with your story. Video is the most engaging way to share your history, mission, and passion for what you do and what you're trying to do. Backers want to hear about the campaign straight from the people they're investing in, not read about it. Logic and emotion play a key role in the decision making process, so it's crucial to make a personal pitch to your page visitors in order to get them to join the movement.

Bohemian Guitars is an example of how video can help take your crowdfunding efforts to the next level. Along with offering a diverse set of rewards for investing, Bohemian Guitars included a high-quality video to share the story behind their products and the Bohemian Guitars brand. Armed with this high quality video focal point, the Boho team was able to exceed their funding goal for their IndieGoGo campaign by 779%.



For more information about Bohemian Guitars and their crowdfunding video, check out our article Local Firms Winning with Video Marketing.

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