Behind-the-Scenes: A Taste of Taste of Atlanta

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Everyone loves some BTS, and no I'm not talking about the Korean boy band - I'm talking Behind The Scenes. We had the pleasure of filming for Taste of Atlanta last weekend and had a blast. But a pretty video doesn't just appear out of thin air - there's (hopefully not too much) blood, (usually a lot of) sweat, and (rarely - we're very emotionally balanced people) tears that go into getting all of the perfect shots. Step into my (metaphorical) office for a peak behind the scenes. 

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Let's Get Nitty and Gritty: 5 Things I Learned Behind the Scenes

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 10, 2017 12:30:00 PM / by Landon Yarborough posted in Behind the Scenes, Increase Sales, Build Your Brand, Company Updates, Video Production Basics

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Hurry up and wait...

This was the theme of my first on-site behind the scenes video shoot experience with Leo and Michael, the talented Consume Media duo. We shot a series of videos for Mud Pie, a long time customer, at America's Mart in downtown Atlanta. Mud Pie is a women's apparel, kid clothing, gift, and home decor company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The goal of this video series is to answer Mud Pie vendors' frequently asked questions regarding store set up, display, and decoration in order to sell more product. The Mud Pie showroom is fully prepped for the July Show, when retailers will come to place their wholesale purchases. Here are 5 of the most important things I learned on set. 

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