Campaign Management: How To Make Your Video an ROI Generator

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A video is just a video without effective campaign management -  the newest focus for Consume Media. We've covered pre-production, video production, and post-production services, but campaign management is quickly emerging as the best way to help our customers generate better ROI from their video investments. This is why we aren't just a video company, but a video marketing company. Campaign management services operate under a 3-part philosophy: content, channels, and insights. What are we creating? Where will it live? How is it performing? These are the questions we will answer for you

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3 Tips to Optimize Video for Facebook

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Optimizing for Facebook

Producing a video is only the beginning. In order to be successful with video, you must understand how to properly optimize your distribution strategy for each platform. We recently published a guide covering digital distribution on different platforms, and this blog will provide an even closer look into digital distribution on Facebook specifically. Why should you care? Proper distribution is how your campaigns will be most effective in generating ROI for your business. The more you optimize your video content, the more people will see it and be engaged by it. This means more people are exposed to your brand and can potentially become customers (or, even better, repeat customers). If you use video the right way, you can turn customers into advocates that will love you so much that they'll sell for you. Here are 3 optimization tips and answers to 3 common questions that will make you a Facebook video guru. 


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Optimize Your Sales Process With Video

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Expedite the Sales Funnel with Video

We aren't reinventing the wheel- but the video wheel has re-invented itself. Video is now the number one way for businesses to turn prospects into customers and accelerate pipeline, but only if it is utilized properly. Video has the power to explain the why- to generate awareness, or show off the what- to peak interest- and will even elevate consideration of your product with testimonials and case studies. Additionally- FAQ/how-to videos have the power to turn your customers into champions of your product- and ultimately advocates of your business. By using video designed for your sales efforts- you have the ability to cut through the clutter in a world where people have are bombarded with endless information everywhere they look.


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The Beginner's Guide To Digital Video Distribution

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From Not to Hot: The Rise of Video Marketing

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He was a sk8er boi . . .

Let's take a little trip through time and space all the way back to the year 2005 - a time of Livestrong bracelets, flip phones, and Avril Lavigne. This was the year YouTube was created, thus launching us into the video marketing world as we know it today. Brands such as Nike and Google saw this as the golden marketing opportunity that it still is to this day. In 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion dollars after realizing it's potential (today it's worth around $75 billion - pretty solid ROI there, Googlers). By 2007, just two years after it's creation, YouTube was using the same amount of bandwidth as the entire Internet circa 2000. It was the first platform for user-generated video content, and from there forward, people became obsessed with video. These statistics only continue to climb, proving that video is indeed the future, and the future is today. Don't miss out, make sure video is in your 2018 budget. 


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Video Marketing Has The Best ROI, Is It In Your 2018 Budget?

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Video Needs To Be In Your 2018 Budget

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The Sales Funnel: How To Turn a First Date Into a Relationship

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So you're on the magic video school bus, now what? Let us be your Miss Frizzle and guide you through this journey using the magical sales funnel. Video is not only great for generating awareness regarding your company, but the best and most rapidly growing companies are now using video throughout the entire sales process. 

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5 Riveting Reasons You Should ALREADY Be Leveraging Video Marketing

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When you think of internet videos what do you think of? Cute kittens being funny or pranks on YouTube? Think again. I've said it once, I'll say it again, and I'll continue to say it... video is the future. But it's also the now.  More companies are utilizing video marketing than ever before, and those companies are having success. Here are 5 riveting reasons video marketing will work for your business, too. 


1. Google loves video 

Having a video on your website homepage has been proven to keep visitors there longer. If your brand has a video embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely to show up on Google! It's almost like we are paying Google... Or maybe it has to do with the fact that Google owns YouTube. Search engines are based on algorithms, so if Google sees (and yes, Google has eyes) a video embedded within your website, it considers your website, and thus your brand, more relevant and will present your website as a useful search result more often.  

2. Video provides great return on investment.

Video may not be the easiest or cheapest marketing strategy to execute, but when has the cheapest or easiest option ever been the best one? 76% of businesses state that video provides a good ROI. Luckily for you, video production is more accessible than ever. Think you need a Super Bowl Doritos budget to produce a marketing video? Think again! As video continues its rapid evolution, it is becoming easier and easier to create quality, affordable videos. Are you unsure about your video budget? You're not alone. Check out this pricing article to help you further develop your budgeting mindset. Remember - video, and marketing efforts in general, should always be viewed as long-term investments, not as short-term expenses.

Speaking of Doritos, have you ever had the kind in the purple bag? They're amazing.


3. People love to ~consume~ video

Do you get it? CONSUME video? Anyway... Search engines aren't the only ones who love video, people do too! Four times as many people would prefer watching a product video as opposed to reading about it. 91% of consumers claim to have watched a video about a product or service prior to buying it. Need I go on? The stats don't lie. Video is quick, entertaining, and efficient. Beyond these benefits, video is also more friendly and puts a human face on a brand. 


4. Emails with video are more effective

When there is a video in an email, people are 2 to 3 times more likely to click on the email. Why is that? Because people know there will be something to explain what's going on or maybe even something to entertain them. Video adds more excitement to the dull wall of text that is email. In one study of over 1 billion emails, marketing emails that included video benefited from a 96% higher click through rate.

5. Video speeds up the sales cycle

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the mystical art of increasing the percentage of people who visit your website and then become customers. This means more success and more money for your business. One of the most proven and efficient ways to increase CRO is by providing, you guessed it, video content! A long sales cycle is extremely frustrating for marketers and sales teams alike, but video has been shown to shorten it. By providing more information for your buyers to peruse on their own, you set your sales team up for more impactful sales conversations with more educated customers.  


In Conclusion...

Video marketing provides great benefits for Google search rankings, unbeatable ROI, happiness to the people looking for information (your potential customers), better performing email campaigns, more impactful sales conversations and a shorter sales cycle. So if you're still seeing video as a short-term expense, you've got it all wrong.


Consume Media  is an Atlanta, GA-based creative video marketing and video production company. Visit our  website  to learn more about us, or browse our full portfolio on our  Vimeo  page. 
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How Lifestyle Brands Are Winning With Stellar Video Part 1: Fashion

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 25, 2017 2:53:46 PM / by Landon Yarborough posted in Video Marketing, Build Your Brand

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Millions of brands fall under the lifestyle categoryspanning from Coca Cola to Harley Davidson to Nordstrom. In a world where everything is constantly evolving and new brands are developing everyday, how does your lifestyle brand break through and withstand the test of time? In this blog, we will focus on 3 ways your fashion company can utilize video to gain more traction in the ever fluid world of lifestyle brands. 

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Video is Vital For All Sports Marketers

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 17, 2017 10:21:44 AM / by Landon Yarborough posted in Video Marketing, Build Trust, Build Your Brand, Generate Awareness

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Developing a Brand and Communicating With a Purpose

Did you know that kids' sports is a $15 billion dollar industry? Globally, the estimated worth of the entire sports industry is about 1.3 trillion dollars. That's $1,300,000,000,000. To put that into some perspective, the world GDP in 2016 was about 75.5 trillion dollars. Okay enough numbers, the point is, the sporting industry is massive. How is your company going to break through and achieve success in an already saturated market sector? Developing a brand and communicating with a purpose. What's the most powerful strategy to achieve this? Video. Four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. 

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